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Insurance Claim - Weekly Indemnity and Broken Bones Benefits

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

What does ‘Weekly Indemnity’ mean in the insurance term? In the event that you are unable to work due to accident, sickness, or injury, there is coverage for eligible customers. It offers the client who has purchased a personal accidental coverage added benefits, a weekly payout of an amount of RM 50 or up to RM 300. If you sustain a Temporary, and I stress this word, TEMPORARY Total Disability for a period of 90 days, you will receive the amount promised to you based on the Policy. As I said, you will receive RM 50 or up to RM 300 every week to help you financially while you are unable to work during the period of recovery. At a maximum of 52 weeks for EACH accident. This plan only applies to Adult Plans only. Especially for someone whose occupation is reliant on Day to Day basic pay, for example, Taxi drivers, Bus drivers, or Grab food riders, Babysitters, or even certain housekeepers, this plan will benefit them a lot, while they are unable to work for a certain time period due to an accident. This will mean a loss of income for them. Ah yes! Broken Bones benefit. I think it is a ‘faham-faham sendiri’ kind of benefit. But there is a difference in each bone. This benefit is payable if you suffer from bone fractures or second-degree to third-degree burns due to an accident. The amount payable is based on the schedule of indemnities. For example: Nose, finger, thumb, or toe - 3% of the coverage amount will be paid. Collar bone, shoulder blade, sternum, elbow, wrist, arm, or knee cap - 20% of the coverage amount will be paid. These are just some of the bones mentioned, there are others, but I will tell you if you made an appointment with me.

“How about the burn payout?” yes! I did mention this broken bones benefit is tied together with the burns benefit as well. This benefit is only payable once for each part of the body (example: head or body). For example: Body (excluding head) – Burns as a percentage of total body surface area At least 20% of the body and above - will be eligible to claim 50% of the coverage amount. At least 10% of the body but less than 15% - will be eligible to claim 25% of the coverage amount. I hope this sheds some light on how important it is to get at least the weekly indemnity benefit for yourself. Please stay safe out there!

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