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How to get more “Cash Rewards” after purchased “Lady Insurance”

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Before going into the topic, I need to introduce you to an added bonus from AIA. It’s called “AIA Vitality”. So what is “AIA Vitality”?

AIA Vitality is a health program that rewards your healthy choices at only RM10 a month. Plus, members can also boost their AIA Vitality status to enjoy insurance benefits, as well as exclusive partner benefits!

But how this can benefit you, on your “Lady Insurance”? AIA Vitality has an app. This app has 4 different levels which are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and platinum. I will explain more about AIA Vitality in my next video. Now let us focus back on today's topic.

These extra cash rewards we called “Yearly Cash Bonus”. How does this work? For example, you have purchased this insurance with a coverage amount of RM100,000 and an annual premium of RM2,900.

At the same, We register to become an AIA Vitality member. You receive a Yearly Cash Bonus amounting to 10% of your Basic Premium Paid regardless of your AIA Vitality Status in the first year.

Which is RM290. Secondly, if you leveled up to “Platinum” status, I have mentioned just now, there is 4 level, the highest level ”Platinum”, you will receive 11% of your basic premium, which is RM319. So now, if you keep your status at “PlaWnum”, at the 3rd year is 12%, 4th year is 13%, 5th year is 14%, every year will increase 1% until your policy maturity.

You’re asking, how to achieve “Platinum” status? Like I say just now, AIA Vitality is a health program. You just need to keep doing exercise every day, it is quite simple for you to achieve “Platinum” status.

But if you want to know more about this, also can contact me. My phone number is below.

So, that’s all for me today.

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