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Helping your children to achieve their dream!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Parents out there, you always wanted the best for your children. No doubt!! If you can afford it, you will provide them with the best things in the world and support your children dreams. If you can’t afford it, as parents, you will find a way, looking for solutions to give the best you can for your children.

Education is a part of it. You want the best schools, the best teachers and the best environment for your children to study, to gain knowledge and to discover their dreams and passions in life. AND YOU WANT TO SUPPORT YOUR CHILDREN DREAMS AND HELP THEM TO ACHIEVE THEIR DREAM IN LIFE.

But I believe you will have questions and concerns throughout the journey in helping your children to achieve what they want in life. “Do I have enough money for their college?” “They might need some money after college or university, how much can I help them?” and as parents, I believe you have thousand of concerns and worries in your mind. Either they can make it to college or universities or not, or they wanted to go in a different direction in life and achieve their dreams. No matter what it is. MONEY is always the biggest concern. That’s my opinion. How about you?

Waa… then what do you need to do to help them achieve their dream? And be the best dad and mom in the world?? No worries. Watch this video!! Before that, don’t forget to click “Like and Subscribe” on our Youtube Channel and Facebook Page, Gratitude Life and Takaful.

Parents, understanding your worries and concerns. The cost of tertiary educations has continued to rise. And do you know that the average working parents in Malaysia spend 55% of their income per child on tertiary education? And Malaysia also ranks as one the most expensive countries to gain a university education in terms of cost-to-household income.

And the cost to study abroad can cost from RM500K to RM1.3 million in total depends on where and the courses your children choose to study. For a local private university or college, a one-year foundation programme can cost from RM8,300 to RM24,300 for arts and RM9,700 to RM28,300 for science courses. Then the for a degree programme, the total estimated cost of studying can range from RM39,310 to RM110,500 depends on the programme and courses.

Wow… that’s a lot of money. No worries. We have a solution for you.

No. 1, you can start a saving plan with a short premium payment term for 10 years and save the money for 20 years. Simple. Here, we plan to save your money with us for 10 years only and invest in our investment funds according to your risk preferences. And you make a withdrawal on the 20th year when the saving plan is mature along with the Guarantee dividends payout and the investment returns.

No. 2, PROTECTING THE FUTURE OF YOUR LOVED ONES. You can also go for a plan which covers the loss of income due to death, accident or critical illness. This is to secure your savings and assets. At the same time, you still can provide and prepare your children on their way to achieve their dreams in life with good Life and Critical Illness coverage policies for yourself.

No. 3, You can look into your policies or saving plans which comes with an option to boost your savings or cash values at the end of the day. For example, ad-hoc top-up annually to fully focus on the investments and savings. In my opinion, it is a good way to actually save up and earn more money through investments in insurance policies. And you can look at our funds' performance for last year, which is at 10% to 30% return. Pretty good, right??

Well, if you still don’t know or have questions on how to start up an education fund for your children, feel free to call me or Whatsapp me on the number below. We can schedule a meeting with you to discuss this more in detail.

I believe, you as a parent, nothing is more important for you than helping your children to achieve their dream. Watching them grow up, doing things they love, having their dream job, and living the life they wanted to live in is the most important goal for you. Then, why not start now. Let Gratitude help you.

That’s all from me today. Thank you. I am Moses, from The Insurance Guys. Stay Safe and have a nice day.

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