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Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Hi parents, I believe many of you always have this question in mind. “Should I get critical illness coverage for my children??” It is a touchy subject for most parents and I believe you as a parent do not want to have run through the worst-case scenarios.

If you still thinking about the answer to this question, I hope this will help you.

Hi Good Morning, I am Moses from THE INSURANCE GUYS. As parents, knowing that a child falling sick can be a heartbreaking situation. And it becomes worst and even more heartbreaking if we don’t have the funds needed to pay for the medical bill and living expenses throughout the treatment period.

So, what you need to do as parents to provide for the child's medical needs and be able to cover any cost that is incurred during the treatment period. And how we can help you to take away the financial burden.

What is critical illness coverage for children? Ok, is very simple. A critical illness coverage is a lump sum pay-out to the child's parent to help support the family if the child becomes ill with any of the conditions covered in the policy. The idea is simple right??? Why a lump sum paid out is so important?

Here are the 3 reasons.

1. It will subsidize the parent s income while they take time off from their job to actually taking care of the children when they are sick. The paid-out ease the financial burden and helps the family financially and emotionally during the tough time.

2. You can use the money to cover the cost of medical treatments which are not covered by the medical card. For example, supplements and medical devices needed.

3. Funds receive from the insurance paid out will paid for the nonmedical cost which may incur, such as hospital parking or accommodations if you have to visit out-of-town specialists. I hope you guys have a clearer picture now on why is important to get your children critical illness coverage as soon as possible and of course, if you can afford it, why not?

Premiums are quite reasonable according to the amount of coverage. And the coverage will continue into adulthood and the children can continue to receive coverage as adults at a lower rate. If you still don’t know where to look for critical illness coverage for your children.

Come and talk to us. In AIA, we offer 45 critical illness coverage which covers heart attack, cancer, and stroke for example to critical illness coverage which specifically covers illnesses for children such as Asthma, Kawasaki, Nephrotic Syndrome, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, and more.

For your information, our Junior Critical Care provides coverage at the early stage of the illness and you can make multiple claims, up to a maximum of 100% of the coverage amount, with no waiting period between each claim.

Wow… isn’t that a great coverage?? Well, that’s all from me today. If you have any questions regarding the coverage… Call me at the number below. I am happy to help you. Because in Gratitude, “Our Core Business is Serving you.”

Thank you. I am Moses from The Insurance Guys. Have a nice day.

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