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Different between Medical Card and Critical Illness Insurance.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Hi, good morning Malaysia. Welcome to The Insurance Guys. I’m Moses from AIA and an agent with Gratitude.

You save so much for your retirement. For what? Let me tell you, retirement fund is a Hoax!! What happen if you have to retire early due to critical illness?? Can your retirement fund helps you?? If your answer is “NO” then you need a critical illness fund. Because it is important for you to protect the retirement fund that you have been saving so hard…”

Some of you may ask, Critical illness and medical card is the same ma. “My medical card already cover me RM1.0 million and above, enough already. Can cover my treatment for any of the sickness already. Why I need to pay extra for another policies or rider in my insurance plan? Better I save the money for my retirement??” Wait… Wait… Wait…. Don’t think like that. There is a difference between medical insurance and critical illness insurance. Let me tell you about it….

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The different between medical card and Critical illness is medical card pays for the cost of treatment and medication in hospital and outpatient treatment for accident. But the Critical Illness provides a lump sum pay out upon diagnosis of anyone of the 45 critical illness.

Ok. To make it simple, medical card covers your hospital bill. Critical Illness Insurance covers your income and lifestyles. Imagine, if a person is sick. Diagnose with cancer. Do you think the company will still paying his or her salary? If yes, how long will it last? Or most probably, never gonna happen.

Ok la. The person got savings. Spent it la. No income no problem. But…. How much and how long a person need to save to cover his incomes for 5 years or 10 years? How long can a person savings lasts? 6 month? 1 years or 2 years?

(Show some sample)

As a sole bread winner for a family, family member will suffer. If the person lost the ability to work and provide to the family due to sickness!! How? Can ask relatives, brother and sisters and friends to help? Of course can. No problem. Or why not let AIA help you?

As a businessman, A BOSS, if you are sick, your company will run like normal without you? Hmm… maybe can. If you have a good and loyal staff and very supportive business partner. But business is business. When A boss is sick, usually the 1st person will come is the supplier. “Mari, settle all the outstanding payment 1st.” how if the company have limited cash flow at that moment??

Critical illness Insurance is a plan to protect your income. Make sure we don’t suffer and finish all our savings when we are sick and unable to work. And at the same time, it helps to protect our family lifestyle and secure your company finances during the hard times. But how much should I get cover for my critical illness funds? The calculation is very simple. Take your annual income and times 5 or 10 years. That will be the amount for your critical illness fund.

That’s all regarding my sharing on Critical Illness Insurance. If you like to know more and interested in getting a coverage for yourself and your family, schedule an appointment or call me now. I will explain to you more and help you find an affordable and suitable CI plan for you.

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