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Day Care Treatment

As many of you know, when you have a medical card or personal or corporate policy, you can admit to a private hospital in the event of illness or accident.

But what if our sickness or injury doesn’t require us to admit to the hospital overnight or more? What if we have shrapnel stuck in our body and require the removal of pieces of metal? What if our eyes become blurry and the doctor advises us to undergo Cataract Surgery? Do we still need to stay overnight just so our medical insurance covers these procedures?

WORRY NOT! In Malaysia, and especially in AIA, we do cover Day Care treatment in private hospitals! What is Day Care treatment you might ask...

Day Care Treatment Is a pre-planned surgery or treatment procedure that allows a patient to be admitted to the hospital and discharged on the same day or hospitalisation for at least 6 hours and less than 24 hours. Medical procedures must be deemed medically necessary and duly referred by a qualified medical practitioner. This means you must have a doctor's diagnosis or reports stating you need these procedures done.

What is covered under this Day Care Treatment?

Surgical Fees, Anaesthetist Fees, Hospital Supplies & Services... just like when you are admitted to the hospital overnight. Everything is the same. Covers completely!

In AIA, we cover many kinds of Medical Procedures. Let me give you an example of SOME of these daycare procedures. There are 6 categories, General Surgery, Orthopaedics, General Procedure, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Ear, Nose & Throat! - Colonoscopy under General Surgery. - Radiofrequency ablation under Orthopaedics

- Insertion of Pacemaker under General Procedure. - Cataract Surgery under Ophthalmology. - Removal of Cervical or Vaginal Polyps under Gynaecology. - Removal of Nasal Polyps under Nose procedure. Deductibles and Co-Insurance apply ya! If your policies have Co-insurance or Deductible, you still need to pay this cost sharing.

Does AIA cover further treatment after the procedures? YES!

Post-hospitalisation Follow Up Treatment. AIA will cover the patient's follow-up treatment and related treatments during admission that are performed by the same attending doctor. The duration of this benefit is valid for 60 days following the patient's discharge from the hospital and will cover all the medically necessary treatment and reasonable and customary charges.

For some of these procedures, you can request a Guarantee Letter (GL) ahead of time. But sometimes you need to do a Pay & Claim. AIA will reimburse back to you.

Of course, the waiting period applies if your policy is still new. And if it’s an existing health issues, these procedures are not covered.

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