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Are you planning to travel? Then you will need travel insurance!

Travel Insurance. A Travel protection plan that provides comprehensive coverage against injury disability or death caused by an accident, medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident or sickness, and travel inconveniences that occurred during a client’s journey.

This plan comes with both Annual Plan or Single Trip. So the question is... Which is right for you? If you are a traveling person, it can be a bit confusing, especially if you travel overseas frequently.

There are several things you need to keep in mind when purchasing travel insurance: 1. Destination. The country you are going will affect the price of the plan.

YES IT WILL. If you are traveling to Asian, European or African countries, the plan will be for Area 1. This also includes South American countries like Chile, Argentina, or Brazil just to name a few. But if you are going to USA or Canada, that will Area 2.

2. How long will you be out of Malaysia? If you are planning for a 2-3 week overseas once a year holiday, then it would be wise to take up the Single trip plan, as that will be cheaper. But if you are planning to go multiple times a year, Annual Plan will be of more benefit for you.

3. Excluded Countries. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, some countries are OFF LIMIT. Does not mean you cannot travel to them, you can, if you want. But the insurance will not cover you if you so choose to go to these countries: Afghanistan, Belarus, Crimea (including Sevastopol), Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Liberia, Mongolia, Nepal and Tibet, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, or Zimbabwe and all other sanctioned and war declared countries. In some countries make sense why the insurance will not cover you. But in some others, the reason is vague and not explained.

4. Premiums. Now the money talk. The one thing you all surely want to know most :D Annual Plan: Area 1 - RM 439, Area 2 - RM 568 For single trips, I will just show you this picture.

*Single trip costs*

5. Domestic Travels. Hey! We also provide Domestic travel insurance. You’re going to Kota Kinabalu? Boleh! You’re going to Pulau Tioman? Boleh! You’re going to Langkawi? Boleh!!

So... Are you guys and ladies going overseas anytime soon? We provide Travel insurance.

Single trip or Annual plans.

Contact ALIF DANIAL - 011 3305 6441

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