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AIA, the only insurer that covers Covid-19 in Private Hospital, response to Sinchew Daily News.

Good Morning, Malaysia. We are The Insurance Guys!!!!

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We believe many of you had watched our video last week regarding the coverage of treatment for Covid-19 at private hospital with AIA. And maybe some of you have doubt regarding the news.

Betulke? Serius la weyh…!! AIA Cover?? Bro, bu yao wan?? Where is the official statement by AIA??? Show us la weyh….??

Here are the proof!!! On 27th of January, PERWAKIM or known as Persatuan Wakil-Wakil Insurans Am Malaysia had came out with a press statement reported on Sin Chew Daily to clarify on this matter.

According to PERWAKIM President Miss Lau Yoke Ping, under the insurance contract, there is an exclusion clause which stated if in any country, region or any global organizations announce that certain disease is a pandemic, then insurance will not cover on any medical cost. She pointed that according to the understanding, insurance in many country currently does not cover on Coivd-19 treatment as it is a standard exclusion clause in the insurance contract. (SHOUTING BEAVER)

She added, currently in Malaysia only AIA had included Covid-19 treatment and hospitalization benefits in their medical card coverage.

Ya. Wor. Newspaper report some more. Confirm legit! Wan Wan Ar ni yi wei!!

However, she added at the current moment our government and others insurance organization and governing body in Malaysia already studied on the compensation benefits for Covid-19 patients. But until today there still no conclusion on this matter.

By the way, there are few important note that needed to be taken by everyone. Although AIA had made official announcement to cover Covid-19 treatment in private hospital.

1. All Covid-19 treatment in private hospital will be pay and claim and subjected to reasonable and customary charges.

2. 30 days of waiting period still in-force for all the new policy holders when it comes to any treatment and hospitalization in private hospital.

Well, that’s all for our sharing today. And YES!!! As confirm by SInchew and PerWakim President ‘We are the only company AIA that covers on Covid-19 treatment in private hospital. They say one ok, we report only…. For more details information, call us. Don’t be shy. We are happy to help you.

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