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AIA covers the complications and side effects due to Covid-19 vaccination as well.

Good Morning Malaysia. We are “THE INSURANCE GUYS.” Today we have Carey with us.

Today we want to share with you a good news from AIA.

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On February 19th, I believe is an exciting and happy day for all Malaysians. I believe we are excited by the news that the 1st batch of vaccines will arrive on 21st of February to KLIA, ahead of the biggest ever nationwide immunization exercise that is scheduled to begin five days later, on February 26th. Yes!!! Finally…. There is hope and we are looking forward that this pandemic will end soon. Slowly…… but surely.

So?? How’s the vaccine related with the good news we about to share from AIA??

As we all know, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia, the government has implemented many initiatives to control the spread of the disease in our country and support those whose lives have been both physically and financially impacted by the disease. The government has recently announced that Malaysia’s National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme is scheduled to begin at the end of February 2021 and will be rolled out in three (3) phases up to February 2022.

In line with the latest updates provided by the government on the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme, we are happy to announce that we will be covering all AIA Individual customers who have a medical plan with us for the medical expenses incurred by any complications, side effect(s) and/or any adverse reactions that requires hospital admission after taking a COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved by the Malaysian government and administered by the appointed parties accordingly. This is subject to the benefit limits and terms & conditions of the policy or certificate.

Rest assured, we will continue to support our customers as we come together as a country to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. And we are dedicated to be a part in our client health journey as we help them to live Healthier, Longer and Better Lives.

Wow. Isn’t this great? 3 weeks ago we share with you regarding AIA the only insurance company that covers Covid-19 treatment in private hospital. Today, we take a step forward again and confirm with you that AIA covers the complications and side effects due to Covid-19 vaccination as well.

Of course we know there will be some questions how we going to cover?

1. Hospitalisation or death resulting from complications or side effects of Vaccination?

Cover. All AIA individual customers who have a medical plan with us we cover the medical expenses incurred by any complications and side effects which require admissions after taking a Covid-19 vaccine which approved by Malaysia government and administered by appointed parties accordingly.

2. Covid-19 Vaccine. Is it cover by AIA??

Absolutely NO!! because Vaccination are classified under preventive treatment. So, no coverage for vaccination. However, For your information, COVID-19 Vaccines is free!!

3. You just bought a new policy with AIA. Is there a waiting period for Covid-19 Coverage??

Yes. All the coverage for Covid-19 will still be subjected to a waiting period of 30 days.

4. Will GL be issued in the case of hospital admissions due to complications arising from the vaccinations of Covid-19?

Yes. GL will be issued. However, it will be subjected to the terms and conditions of the policy. If there is no GL issued or used you can make the claim by submitting:

- Hospitalisation claim form

- Original Hospital Invoice, Itemised bills and payment receipts

- Supporting document from doctor and all imaging and lab reports (if any)

That’s all for our sharing today. We are happy to share with you the good news from AIA. If you would like to know more regarding the coverage. Call us. I am Moses, this Carey and this is Alif. We will be happy to help you.

In the future, we also looking forward to create more content to help you on insurance matters.

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