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Some health tips about how to protect your eyes.

Number one, Pay attention to the working environment: The light in the computer room should be suitable, not too bright or too dark, to avoid the light directly shining on the fluorescent screen and causing interference light. Regularly remove indoor dust and microorganisms. When cleaning, it is best to use a damp cloth or a warm mop to disinfect the air filter, adjust the air volume reasonably, and change the fresh air.

Second, Pay attention to the combination of work and rest: Computer operators should rest for about 10 minutes after working continuously for 1 hour. And it is best to move hands, feet, and trunk outside the operating room, take a walk, do radio exercises, take active rest, or do eye exercises and head movement indoors.

3rd, Pay attention to nutritional supplements: When a computer operator works too long in front of a fluorescent screen, rhodopsin on the retina will be consumed, and rhodopsin

is mainly synthesized by vitamin A. Therefore, computer operators should eat more carrots, cabbage, tofu, red dates, milk, eggs, and other foods to supplement the human body with vitamin A and protein.

4th, Pay attention to the correct posture: The sitting posture should be correct and comfortable during operation. The center of the computer screen should be installed on the same level as the operator's chest, and the distance between the eyes and the screen should be 40-50 cm. It is best to use a chair that can be adjusted in height. During the operation, you should often blink your eyes or close your eyes for a while to adjust and improve your vision and prevent vision loss.

5th, Eye Exam: One of the most important things to protect your vision health is to receive a professional eye examination. Through an eye examination, you can find out the problems of the eyes, and even take appropriate treatment measures to successfully treat or prevent some serious eye diseases. In general, people aged 20-30 should have an eye exam at least once every two years. If you are over 30 years old, you should have a checkup every year.

In AIA, our medical card can cover all eye diseases. And with the Health Wallet, you can get up to RM300 for your health checkup every year, or every two years with a standalone plan. This plan starts from as low as RM 90 per month. Pricing would depend on age. If you are interested in this plan, feel free to call me anytime. My phone number on below. That’s all for me today. My name is Wan, from the Insurance Guys. See you on the next episode.

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