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3 Golden Methods that can help you Quantum Leap to MDRT!

Tips #1: Stop building new clientele and focus on exiting clientele

The last 30 days are critical in achieving MDRT. Building new clientele is not going to help you, start focusing on existing clientele and go back visiting every one of them.

You will find a miracle when they refer their family members to you and buy new policies from you! An existing client is 70% easier to close than a new one.

Tip #2: Do a policy review for existing clients that you haven’t seen for a while.

Go back to all existing clients that you have not seen for 6 months to a year. Offer them a policy review, by doing that, you open up possibilities for them to buy new policies, upgrade old ones and introduce you to new clients.

Do not worry that clients will cancel the policy or reduce the premium if they do! Just do it. They will appreciate a good agent during hard times and give you more business.

Tip #3 : Activity x activity x activity

The last tip is this. It is so important that I just repeat 3 times. See 5-6 people a day over zoom or physical. Go all out to meet at least 15-25 people a week. Make those activities count.

Before you go out, ask yourself can I open a case? Close a case? Or get a referral from this meeting? If the answer is yes!! Go!!! Go all out to meet people.

That’s all from me. I wish you the best year ever in 2021! Make it count!

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