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With longer life expectancy and the rising treatment cost, get protected with a comprehensive holistic medical card. 

A good medical plan should be able to protect you when you require medical treatment and even when you are healthy.

Medical Card

A comprehensive female plan that meets your protection needs and provides you with life insurance benefits that are specifically designed for women.

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A serious accident can change your life significantly no matter what age, how healthy or fit you are.

This plan gives you the flexibility to add on optional benefits to strengthen your coverage based on your needs.

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Comprehensive protection for your baby starts from birth, up to RM30,000 every year depending on the plan you choose.


Becoming a parent is one of life's most joyous experiences.


Your life also takes on a new focus, which is to ensure that your little one has everything he or she needs to thrive and grow. And education is at the top of your priority list.

Education Insurance

Coping with a life-threatening illness in the family or the grief that follows the loss of a loved one is hard enough without the financial worries that often accompany an illness or death.

Life Insurance

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