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As a salesperson, you must have been through these conversations:

  • After having a short conversation, he never replied to your message anymore.

  • No matter how you talk to him, he never shows any good attitude towards you.

  • He keeps asking about your product details, but he never places any order.

  • He always tells you he needs some time to consider, but he never make the decision to take.

How to handle them?

You need a sales expert to share his experience with you!

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As A Top Sales with more than 20 years sales experience
in insurance industry, Mr. Lim Ren En can help you:

✅ Understanding your personality and strength as a sales person.

✅ Methods in analysing and understanding customer personality

✅ Techniques to sell to your clients of different personality and grow your sales!

Mr. Lim Ren En is:


Only RM88,learn to secure your customers!

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    Date: 11 December 2021 (Saturday)

    Time: 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm

    Venue: Zoom Webinar

    Course Fee: RM88

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